Yorkshire Air Museum

The Yorkshire Air Museum is situated at the former World War II RAF Bomber Command Station at Elvington near York. 
The original buildings are still standing and house a number of exhibitions, as well as the café. Each exhibition space holds pieces, and display boards, charting the history of different parts of a bomber aircraft base during the Second World War. One such building charts the story of the Blitz and the allied bombing campaign in France and Germany. Another charts the development of the gunner positions to protect the aircraft from enemy fighters. 
There are many aircraft on display around the site. In the main exhibition hanger there were many types of aircraft including a reconstruction of a Halifax bomber which was the main aircraft stationed at this base. 
Coming from large cone shaped Tannoy speakers on the sides of the Control Tower was period music covering the outside seating area for the cafe. Inside the Control Tower there were displays of mapping and weather reporting, as well as a primitive sleeping area for night operations. There was no access to the upstairs but I was told that there was a communications room and a view of the airfield. 
After the war the base was also used for defence during the Cold War and examples of the aircraft used were on display. A small team of engineers fired up the engines of the large Handley-Page Victor K2 air refuelling tanker plane. The noise of the jet engines sounded like a large vacuum cleaner. There were also examples of a Harrier Jump Jet and a couple of Tornados.www.yorkshireairmuseum.org