Camberley Car Show 2016

On Saturday I went to the annual Camberley Car Show. This is where the streets around the main shopping area of Camberley are closed to traffic and vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and eras, are brought together to be put on display.
The show has a selection of feature cars which are sponsored by the retailers which are always very popular and draw in the crowds. This year there was the Batmobile, the Back to the Future Delorean, and Bloodhound the British land speed record car.
As I moved around the 100 or so highly polished vehicles, some with gleaming colourful paintwork and designs, there was also live jazz music playing and roaming cartoon and film characters to enjoy. I met a very creepy Joker next to the Batmobile, Bumblebee from Transformers, as well as my namesake Judge Dredd.Click the image to see the photos in the gallery.
Entrance to the show is free and was raising money for South West Thames Kidney Fund so there were plenty of buckets around for you to donate. Assess is flat and on closed roads so you need to be aware of curbs, and it can be quite busy.