Classical Spectacular

With a lighting gantry over the stage, the orchestra tuning up, and canons placed at the top of the hall, the stage was suitably set for a Classical Spectacular concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

The band of the Household Cavalry, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, were poised to provide some well known favourite classical pieces to a great laser and light display. The Classical Spectacular Dancers were on hand to provide some light jollity.
As the music played, coordinated coloured lights danced seamlessly over the audience to create a rainbow of colour to delight the eyes.
As the can-can music was played the Classical Spectacular Dancers came out into the auditorium with high-kicks and frilly knickers. Some lucky gentlemen even got a kiss.
After the interval the Moscow Militia marched in with their flags, to take up position for the grand fiery finale of the Tchaikovsky 1812 overture. At the allotted time in the music the canons opened fire making loud bangs, as this finished fireworks flashed and exploded to create a spectacular ending.
After one round of “Land of Hope and Glory”, and no less than three encores, the show ended with a large Union Jack unfurling over the organ, and balloons and streamers falling from the roof, signalling the end of the show.
It was a bit expensive as tickets ranged in price from £32 to £67, and wheelchair spaces were at the upper end of this