Fawley Hill Steam and Vintage Weekend 2016

Arriving early at Fawley Hill Steam and Vintage weekend on Sunday gave me the chance to slowly look around the eventing field before going to a church service in the big top.
After the service the events of the day started in the outside arena with a heavy horses parade. Some of the horses were heavily decorated with brasses and feather plumes. Then I looked around at some of the vintage cars which had gathered for the weekend.
I then watched the Labrador dog challenge conducted by Ben Fogle. This was a challenge to see how many Labradors that they could gather in one place. They certainly had a lot and I could not tell them apart as they all looked the same to me. I can only hope that all the dog owners went home with the dog that they had arrived with. I was then lucky enough to get a quick snap with Ben.
There was an acrobatic air display overhead by a Tiger 9 aircraft. The plane swooped high and low doing spins and flips which made me feel dizzy just watching. This was followed by a flying display from a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Next a small aircraft which was flying quite high flew over and out tumbled the Red Devils.
Whilst I was having a delicious hot bacon roll some military Jeeps and trucks were being paraded around the arena.
The tractors had a big section where they were doing a version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by tractor in the middle of the arena. Some tractor drivers got so excited about just riding around the field they missed their stage directions and lost the plot.
There were several steam engines in steam on display. However the ground was so muddy that they could not move for their parade but this did allow me to get up close to some of them. At the railway station there were rides along the line in an open wagon pulled by a small saddle tank locomotive. While I was waiting for the train to arrive I had a very nice ’99’ ice cream.
As the weather was closing in at the end of the day I sat in the big top and watched the Tina Louise School of Belly Dancing perform before going home.
In previous years access has been OK considering that the event is in a field. However, although it didn’t rain, the ground was very very very muddy and wet due to heavy rain the previous day. I would like to thank everyone who pushed, pulled, lugged, and lifted me over the mud. Adult entrance for the Sunday was £12.
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