Paulos Circus

“Come to the Circus, the greatest show on Earth”, and I did just that!. This weekend I travelled a short distance, to Hare Hatch, to see the travelling Circus, which was held in a large, bright pink, big top, that was packed.
After a while the lights went down and in anticipation the audience started counted down in time to a large clock which was projected onto the roof canvas of the tent.
Free of animals, acts included ring jugglers, tightrope walkers, people swinging from long silk scarves which disappeared into the top of the tent, flaming hula hoops, and a disappearing lady. There was also a lady who juggled balls against a drum kit to make rhythms and beats.
No circus would be complete without a clown act who came out while the equipment for the other acts was being set-up. With lots of slap-stick, buckets of water, from which I got slightly wet, and many laughs and cheers from the audience.
The staff were very helpful and two burly stage-hands lifted my wheelchair over the few steps into the seating area where I had a good view at one side of the ring. Tickets were £7 but there is a £2 off voucher on their website.