Pineapple Palace

I had done a search of my usual sources and had identified that the summer market at the Pineapple Palace art studios and vintage tea rooms in Thatcham would be worth a visit, especially as I haven’t been there before.
While getting ready I had the radio on listening to the Andrew Peach Saturday morning show with the Peach Quest. I have written about this before, where a team in the studio directs a reporter in a roving car to various locations following a set of clues. By coincidence a friend of mine was in the team in the studio.
Clue two was ….
Go to the fruit named after a tree
Find a small mansion on you tour
Do you have pompous unruly hair
This clue will give you quick cure
and I could immediately see that it lead to where I was planning to go.
Go to the fruit named after a tree – Pine Apple
Find a small mansion on you tour – Palace
Do you have pompous unruly hair – Thatch
This clue will give you quick cure – Ham
As this is a listener participative show I emailed the studio with my answer of the Pineapple Palace and this was quickly readout over the radio. It did take the team a little longer to decide that it was the right answer especially as many listeners thought that it was another event going on at Wash Common. However when the reporter eventually made it to Pineapple Palace it was indeed correct, and she excitedly described all the things that I would be seeing later on in the day.
After that bit of excitement I headed in the direction of Thatcham in the car with Wayne. It took a while to arrive as strangely it was not actually signposted anywhere and the locals that Wayne stopped and asked did not know where it was. Once we did arrive there were a number of stalls selling handmade goodies and crafts and a big vintage style shop and tea room next to the river Kennet at the end of a small track in the middle of nowhere.
We went round several times looking at all the tempting items which were on offer. I purchased a small present and card for someone. Wayne purchased some early Christmas presents. In the café was lots of tempting home-made cakes and pastries. We enjoyed our lunch sitting outside on a decked area next to the river.
Entrance was free and access was flat but at times the wheelchair was very difficult as the paths were thick gravel.