Reading Museum Gallery Tour

After the talk at Reading Museum last week I find myself back again for a tour of the galleries. This is a regular Saturday morning event which is lead by different tour guides every week. Each tour guide chooses different aspects of the galleries to focus on. This means that each tour is different depending on the interests of the person taking you on the tour.
Our tour guide chose one item from each of the galleries to talk about. She showed us a large portrait of Elizabeth I, who had visited Reading Abbey, and pointed out the symbols of power and wealth that were included in the image. Other artefacts included a Roman head which had been used as a cheese press, an eagle on a ball, and a picture of a battle scene, among other things.
I had to close my eyes as we went through the taxidermy gallery as those creatures with their starey eyes freak me out.
An interesting fact about Huntley and Palmer, that I did not know, was that in the biscuit factory the workers were given surplus biscuits. To stop the workers selling these biscuits they used to employ a person to crush them before giving them out.
Not bad for a £2 donation for something to do on a Saturday morning.