Sonning Regatta 2016

On Saturday the biennial Sonning Regatta was held on the river Thames by the Reading Sailing Club boat house. There were many different local teams competing for a variety of medals, trophies and silverware.
I was able to park on the river bank by the slipway and finish line. From here I had an excellent view of everything floating past and was able to watch the competitors launch their craft. Some were in fancy dress with rafts, others were more serious. A small boat was doing a fair trade ferrying passengers to and from the event.
For some of the races a PA man was commentating on the race progress, and when he wasn’t doing this I could hear the marshal’s radios from the Race Control and registration tent so I was able to know what was going on.
The local Scouts had a barbecue with burgers and sausages on the go all afternoon. The bacon and cheese triple decker burger was very tasty, if you were wondering. Afternoon tea was also available from another tent.
The ferry was £5 return but inaccessible to wheelchairs although the bridge was not too far down river. Parking on-site was £10 per car but if you could find parking elsewhere and walk the entrance was free. A very relaxing afternoon in the sun.