The Enchanted Market

Today I went to the Enchanted Market in Bracknell at the Garth Hill College, not knowing what to expect. But, I thought for £1 entrance it was worth a go.
In the traders area there were many stalls selling incense, candles, jewellery, oils, heavily decorated artwork, musical instruments, and other items for meditation and relaxation. Among these was Quercus Magical Emporium of Treasures that had a collection of vintage knick-knacks. I had a good look around and I purchased a CD of some meditation music.
On the Main Hall Stage there were many folk type acts singing and playing all day. In the café was another stage with entertainment. A group of ‘Morris Men’ like drummers dressed in purple and black loudly played their drums.In a couple of separate rooms there were also talks and workshops that you could go to.
After listening to some more music for a little while longer I had a final look around again before coming home.
The access at Garth Hill was good.