Three weddings and a civil war

In the majestic surroundings of Shaw House, Newbury, I witnessed a re-enactment of a training session by the Earl Rivers Regiment of the Sealed Knot Society. Be ye a Royalist or a Parliamentarian all were welcome as the society celebrated their 48th anniversary since their founding.
With Pikes drawn and muskets firing Shaw House was transported back in time to the English Civil War. At one stage children were invited to train as Pikemen and to take up arms against the society soldiers. Of course the children won.
During the Civil War religion was very important and to remember the fallen, and society members who have passed away, there was a very solemn ceremony of Bible readings and prayers.
Shaw House is also a conference centre and the Register Office. While I was there there were no less than three wedding couples and their guests among the mayhem.
A lovely sunny day made for a great day out and only cost the price of my lunch. If I had taken sandwiches it would have been free.
I hope all the society members made it home safely, unlike in 1643 after the First Battle of Newbury, when the two sides had a skirmish at Theale and a number of them were killed and are buried¬†in Dead Man’s Lane.Click the image to go to the photo gallery for some more pictures.