Butterflies in the Glasshouse

On a frosted over Saturday morning I took a drive to the Royal Horticultural Society site at Wisley in Surrey to see their butterfly collection in the Glasshouse.It was very cold outside and all the lakes and ponds on the way from the entrance to the Glasshouse were frozen over and could not be broken by the people throwing stones. As I approached the Glasshouse I could see a long queue snaking along the path waiting to enter the large tropical paradise. Fortunately the queue was moving and I did not have to wait long before getting inside into the warm.
On first entering the Glasshouse my glasses steamed up and I could not see anything at all and I had to wait at one side for them to warm up and clear. Inside the atmosphere that had been created was what you would imagine a typical tropical forest to be like. It was very hot with sprinklers providing gentle sprays of water to the many plants.

I slowly walked around the paths admiring the different varieties of butterflies that were fluttering around through the tropical vegetation. The trail is spread over two floors and wiggles and weaves through the jungle to the many different areas, with a lift for wheelchairs to get from one floor to the other.

I was able to stop at the feeding stations where I was lucky enough to see the butterflies feeding, with their long tongues, on oranges and other fruits. One butterfly landed on my leg where I could have a good look at it before it flew off.

Butterflies in the Glasshouse is on until 5th March but the Royal Horticultural Society site at Wisley is a nice place to visit at any time of the year. Entrance is £14 for non-members.