Gerry Cottle’s circus

Gerry Cottle’s circus was at Prospect Park with Carters Steam Fair for the Easter break, so I went along to see their show. The Gerry Cottle circus promises 50 acts in 100 minutes. This fast-paced show had traditional circus acts such as juggling fire and clubs, acrobatics, and trapeze, as well as traditional magic acts such as sawing a lady in half.

I particularly liked one of the high wire acts which came out above the ring on a motorbike. Each time the rider came out across the wire he was getting more daring as he revved the bike and performed various stunt effects.

I laughed at the traditional “Cup and Ball” trick. This was done using three buckets and the head of one of the cast who was under a table. Each time the magician asked the audience where the head would be and it was always under a different bucket. For the finale, the head was made to disappear and a pair of feet appeared.

One act involved a large upturned purple umbrella which descended from the tent roof and an acrobat got in it and did an acrobatic routine as it was raised again. For the finale of this a shower of blue glittery paper burst out and fluttered to the floor.

It was very busy and parking was a bit difficult but once inside the staff were very friendly and helpful. The usual price for tickets is from £16 with ringside tickets at £28, but while they are in Reading all tickets are half price.