A Wet Day Out

As January draws to a close, I found myself waking up on a rather wet day. I had decided to go to the Windsor Toy Fair but had got the dates completely wrong so took a drive to Henley instead.

I went to the River and Rowing Museum which tells the history of the local part of the River Thames and also hosts some very interesting small touring exhibitions such as a Drawing exhibition celebrating the BFG as well as the permanent exhibition of the Wind in the Willows. The author, Kenneth Graheme lived at various locations along or near the Thames but in fact, never in Henley.

I also ventured into the John Piper Gallery which is a fairly new space exhibiting some of his work. He specialised in bombed churches as he was a wartime artist and lived near Henley in later life.

P.S. Sorry no picture – who wants to look at pictures of a wet day out anyway!