Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury is a small village in Wiltshire which is part of a World Heritage Site with Stonehenge, as it is inside the largest stone circle in the world. Unlike Stonehenge you can walk among, and touch, the stones. It is also conveniently situated about half way between Wokingham and Bristol so a nice place to meet up with my brother.

We met in the National Trust car park and then took a walk around the various farm buildings which have been converted to hold displays of artefacts, human, and animal remains, which have been excavated from the Avebury site over the years.

Close to the village is a manor house which has been used by various excavation teams as they have excavated around the stones. This has also been used as the location for the BBC TV series “To the Manor Born” starring Penelope Keith, and a 1970’s children’s sci-fi drama “Children of the Stones”.

Recently the National Trust and BBC have cooperated to refurbish the manor house to make it a tactile exhibition. Each room has been dressed to represent a different era when the building was used by the people researching the stones and all the furniture and artefacts can be picked up and touched.

In the shop I purchased the DVD of “Children of the Stones” and have enjoyed being mildly frightened with every twist and turn of the story.

The picture has been taken from the National Trust website as it tipped it down with rain all day. However, we found a table in a large tent a little way from the café where we were able to have a drink, piece of cake, and a good chat, in the dry.

The car park was £7 pay and display, admission to the manor house and gardens was £10.50, and £4.40 for the museum, so £21.90 overall. However, I am a member of the National Trust so everything was free. Access was flat although it was a bit tough around the stones because the ground was so soggy.