Cumberland Lodge

Sitting in a secluded area of the Windsor Great Park there is Cumberland Lodge which is not open to the public very often and this was a rare opportunity for a public tour. Belonging to the Queen as part of the Royal Estate it has been used for entertaining guests and dignitaries over many centuries. It is now used as a function and conference centre but still contains rich evidence of its royal past such as family photographs and paintings. In the chapel were some rare chairs which were used at the Queen’s Coronation.

Roald Dahl lived in a similarly named, but much less grand, house in Wales during his childhood. After visiting Cumberland Lodge and noting the similarity, he makes reference to it in his book The BFG. In 2010 some scenes for the film The King’s Speech were filmed here.

On the first Spring like day of 2018 the journey along the private drives of the park to get to and from Cumberland Lodge was most enjoyable. Admission was £2.50 and needed booking in advance, access was flat with a lift to all floors.