First Battle of Newbury Re-enactment


In a rural setting, overgrown with long grass, is the site of the first battle of Newbury. This is where, last weekend, hundreds of civil war enthusiasts, brought the area to life with a small encampment of tents where the town’s people of the time would have lived. They were demonstrating crafts of the period (the 1640’s), such as basket weaving, a working forge, and herbalist.

There was also a cavalry and foot soldier display as well as artillery demonstrations. This all came together to create a mighty display of force as the soldiers marched onto the battlefield, beating drums and wearing the colours of their respective army.

Then, several rounds of gunfire and artillery could be heard as the two sides engaged in battle. Sword and Pike action could be seen, resulting in the field doctor, in full period costume, having to pull the physically injured and visibly bleeding out of the battle and walk them back to the camp. The loud guns set off some car alarms but that didn’t disturb the battle, which still raged on over the noise. Click the pictures to see more in the gallery.IMG_4976_1024

The victors were triumphant with shouts of celebration ringing out, which gave the opposition a clear message to back off. Well until they do it all again on Sunday afternoon.

Entrance was £6. Access was very difficult as the field was very rough but Wayne did a great job of getting me to see everything.