Burning the candle at both ends

On Saturday night we were invited to a dinner dance by some of our friends to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. When we arrived at Bearwood Lakes Golf Club we were greeted with drinks, and I had a sparkling elderflower which was very refreshing. Before dinner a lively young band played music to entertain us with a selection of the latest hits interspaced with more traditional favourites. We were served a sit down dinner starting with a goat’s cheese tart, then a delicious chicken dish, followed by summer pudding with cream. After a speech by our hosts they cut the cake, which had been on display by our table all night, and we had a coffee with a piece of the cake. After dinner the enthusiastic band started up again and played music for people to dance to on into the night.www.bearwoodlakes.co.uk/
Following this late night out I was up again very early to be in Windsor for 6 o’clock to "do the Windsor Triathlon". I quite like saying that because I have perfected the tone and intonation so that people wonder how I can swim, cycle ride, and run. However I was marshalling with my Dad on part of the cycle route. This event is an important event in the triathlon calendar and people of all shapes and sizes get to take part. There are slower competitors who shout "Good Morning" to us as well as some very serious ones. Towards the end of the event there are two waves of elite men and women who fly pas. This is usually shown on television one or two weeks after the actual event as part of the Channel 4 Series 4 Triathlon. The next programme is on Sunday 23rd June at 6:35AM. In previous years you have just been able to make out two yellow blobs in the background as the elite riders wiz past.