December at last

Decided to check out Windsor’s Christmas decorations today and discovered a Royal themed display of a beautiful purple crown and golden orb. We’re not sure whether the Queen hung the decorations herself, but they were very impressive indeed. 
We popped into the Daniels store for a drink and light snack to give us energy for the day. Purchased some postcards of Rupert the Bear from a charity shop for my collection, and generally had a good look around the town. 
I have to report that Wayne was looking at handbags although he assured me that it was for his daughters!
On the way back to the car, we chanced upon a waiter handing out free samples of warm cinnamon cake. Delicious. So nice in fact that we thought about changing our identities and going back for a second piece, but we’re not that greedy! Oh yes you are; oh no we’re not! Nearly Panto time. Ho! Ho! Ho!