In search of lunch

Went to South Hill Park Arts Centre for a look around and to see what they have got on. Sadly, the visual arts displays on the walls of the Old House and the Wilde Theatre were absent. However there were lots of people taking advantage of the sunshine and fresh ait outside in the gardens. We wandered up into the woods and to the lake where there is a fountain shooting about 25 feet into the air. There are some strange sculptures around that place, including a lady appearing to be almost standing on her head, balancing a ball on her feet. There are others that I simply can’t describe… 
Then we went for lunch to the Szechuan Inn in Bean Oak Road for a proper Chinese meal. The Szechuan has a very relaxing atmosphere and helpful staff. We decided to try out the lunchtime set menu. The food was excellent – just right for lunchtime. The manager, Shona Kwok, was so kind and attentive, and told us all about the history of the restaurant and how strongly she feels about focussing on the wishes of her customers.