Jobs sorted

Today I went to town to do all of the odd jobs I had to do plus popping into the library cafe for lunch and a coke.It was very cold so I was togged up in my warmest hat and gloves. First we had a mooch around Poundstretcher, mainly to get warm, then Oxfam to recycle some ink cartridges. Whilst we were there, they tried to get us interested in some dodgy costumes for Red Nose Day on Friday. Seriously, can you imagine me in a Snow White outfit? No, neither can I, so we politely declined their generous offer.Next it was Waitrose for battery recycling before we hit the library for some internet surfing and a very warm and cosy lunch. The cafe owner was extremely friendly and accommodating and we can thoroughly recommend them for a visit, whether it is for a snack or just a cuppa.