Need for Speed

Feeling the “Need for Speed” this weekend, I was lucky enough to do something on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I went to see the new film “Rush” about the thrilling and daring battle in the 1976 Formula One Grand Prix season between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. This starts the story nine years earlier with their battles in Formula Three and how they entered Formula One. This is an excellent portrayal of the events of the time. James Hunt is depicted as the flamboyant playboy and Nikki Lauda as the quiet methodical racer, as they battle for every point in the championship.
On Sunday it was a club racing day at Brands Hatch so we went along to enjoy the racing which was on offer. We walked around a bit to various spectator vantage points to enjoy some very close racing. One surprise was to be recognised by one of the marshals who we had met at the Mini Festival earlier in the year.
There were Minis, single seater sports cars, Porsches, BMWs, and Citroen Saxos. The latter are the most unlikely of racing cars, however these were raced by 14-16 year olds who gave a very exciting performance. There were two types of Minis and, as ever, they both put on very thrilling and close races. Click the thumbnail to see some pictures in the photo