Nice sunny walk to town and back

What a lovely morning – blue skies with scattered fluffy white clouds, like balls of cotton wool scudding across the sky – and a gentle breeze to keep us cool. But hey! We are always cool…Walked into town - saw lots of ambulances with sirens screaming ear-splittingly – must have been a big accident somewhere – hope its not too serious, or its three different incidents in the space of five minutes…which seems a bit unlikely.We got a nice corner seat in the Waitrose Cafe and I thought I would be faced with a dilemma because on the way, I had trouble deciding between having a bacon roll or a croissant. As there were no croissants, the bacon won the day. How scrummy it was…there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly cooked bacon…and you get about 5 rashers in every roll!!! And its not your streaky cheap stuff either, but nice thick back bacon. As I said before…SCRUMMY! Not forgetting the Diet Coke (other brands available) on the side.After Waitrose we went to check out the newest charity shop on the block, Shelter. At the moment it seems to stock mainly women’s clothing and nail varnish – obviously not my cup of tea, but it is early days yet and I am sure that they will soon have all the stuff that you would expect. They did have books and CD’s – I like to focus on unopened new CD’s and we did find more in here than in any other charity shop we have visited recently. We found Al Martino, the Little Devils (who?) and Avril Lavigne amongst others, but nothing tickled my fancy enough to make me invest in it.Tracey Beaker DVD’s caught my eye however, but I resisted the temptation. Our computer printer has just died so we had a surplus unopened HP ink cartridge to donate to a deserving cause. Shelter had no electricals so we crossed the road to Oxfam who bit my hand off. Not literally…So we then decided to head for the park for lunch but on the way back past Shelter, the Tracey Beaker urge overtook me and now she’s mine! Well actually, not her personally, but a fine body of her earliest work in the form of two DVD’s. So that’s this afternoon’s viewing sorted!!!