Odd jobs in town

Actually, the jobs weren’t that odd really, quite normal I suppose. What was far from normal was…the amazing weather, so much so, I felt impelled to splash out on a new pair of cool sunglasses. But more of that later…Until this week, what on earth has been wrong with the weather??? Apparently, the old Jet Stream has got himself all in a knot and is going places that we don’t usually expect at this time of year. So he’s been pushing weather our way that is meant for others to suffer. Those poor people at the Met Office don’t know whether they are coming or going, or if its April or November!Taking everything into account, I know we all like to have a go at the weather forecasters but because of where we live, our weather is incredibly complex and they do an amazing job under the circumstances. I was going to post a picture of the blue sky to see if anyone recognised it, but I wouldn’t want you to think I was a Coventry City supporter.As it was such a nice day we walked into town, timing it perfectly so that the level crossing was open. Our first task was to drop off the batteries for recycling at Waitrose, but we literally dropped one on the way, so we now know we have a hole in the backpack!We took advantage of the amazing free beverage offer at Waitrose which my carer had , whilst I had a Diet Coke (other brands are available). He also polished off a very tasty looking bacon roll, because he had forgotten to make himself some sandwiches for lunch.We then checked out the sunglasses at Boots and saw some very nice designer frames, but I fancied something even cooler and funkier. We found just what I was looking for at Superdrug and as you can see, they are very eye catching.We also had some clothes to donate to Oxfam and because at least one item was from M&S, we were given a £5 voucher to spend during May. I had been thinking about getting a notebook to help us remember what we get up to when we are out and about, so we compared what was on offer at Martins Newsagents and WH Smiths, and I plumped for a stripey design at Martins, so I will be carrying this with me in future to make notes. There is a new Shelter shop opening on Thursday which I shall definitely visit, but how many more charity shops do we need or want? I suppose it will be one more place to hide from the rain (when the weather gets back to normal)Finally, we popped into the Post Office to collect a giant parcel which just about fitted in my bag. Just as well because I don’t think my carer could have balanced it on his head all the way home!For those of you who may be worried about the battery we lost, the good news is that we found it and will be recycling it the next time we go wheelabouttown!