Stretching it

Today we went into Wokingham to collect my Blue Badge from Shute End and this procedure was carried out very simply and quickly. Then we went onto a new café in town, Oslars, where the old cobbler used to be I think? We had a very nice bacon bap – it is very cosy in there, there is plenty of room inside, and it was easy to fit under the table. 
As soon as we were refreshed we went in search of a DVD to keep me entertained for the afternoon, but on the way, we came across a group of people dolled up to the 9’s. Strange, we thought? It’s a bit early for a wedding! It became obvious when we saw a stretch limo and then them all piling in. Of course! It’s Royal Ascot this week. So we took a sneaky snapshot. 
Moving on we first tried the Shelter shop and Oxfam but all we could find were violence, horror, and romantic comedy DVDs. My prayers were answered in the Helen and Douglas House shop where we found Johnny English Reborn, which I haven’t seen but is supposed to be better than the first one. I am particularly looking forward to the bonus feature "The Wheelchair Chase". 
Satisfied and looking forward to an excellent afternoon’s viewing, we rested in Elms Park Field for lunch of tuna and red onion sandwiches plus a side of cucumber and peppers (yuk!), with mandarin orange segments for