Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Arriving at a busy Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London we were a little early, so we had a quick look round Covent Garden with all its street entertainment. It had a really electric atmosphere filled with music and activity. 
Once in the theatre we were very impressed with the beauty of the whole place. The musical was lively and funny with amazing special effects. Willy Wonka was so funny throughout, and the whole cast received rapturous applause at the end with everyone clapping in time to the music in true musical theatre style. Everyone we spoke to agreed with us that it was one of the best shows ever. 
We had great seats and were delighted to sit by a friendly family with their son Beau. Bizarrely his mum, aunt, and cousin are all twins, as am I and so is Wayne. It was twin city. 
The train journey went well and the theatre was easy to