Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum

At the ‘FAST’ museum you can see many examples of old planes which have been restored and put on show. From the kite like structures of the early aviation pioneers to the history of Concorde and modern jets, there is much to see.
In the museum grounds there is a selection of planes and helicopters which you can walk around and get close to. Inside the museum hanger there is a full size replica of the first plane to fly in Britain in 1908. This first flight was from what is now Farnborough airfield. It was flown by Samuel Cody who had experience of developing man carrying kites and air balloons for long range observations.
There was an exploded view of a jet engine which rotated when you pushed a button so that you could see how it worked. A guide explained that the jet engine only has four moving parts which compress the air and fuel to make it work.
On a computer there was FlightRadar24. This is an App which can be installed and shows you the flight information of planes that can be seen in the sky.
Access for wheelchairs is good allowing for the limited space in which are shown so many exhibits, although it was not possible to get to the refreshment area as that was upstairs. A gift shop on site sells all manner of aircraft related toys, DVDs, books, and models.Click the image for a selection of photos.www.airsciences.org.uk