Horrible Histories

In a glorious show at the Hexagon in Reading four actors from the Horrible Histories team covered a multitude of eras from Britain’s past as Barmy Britain. From Boudicca to the 1st World War there was plenty of audience participation singing silly songs and doing even sillier actions. Humour was in abundance but they still managed the correct amount of respect and dignity, for example when 3D poppies descended from above as they reached the 1st World War which was very moving. 
Certainly one of the best shows I’ve seen. The actors all deserved an Oscar for their characterisations, hilarious accents and faces. For example in a sketch between William Wallace and a rather posh 1st World War officer. 
There was a sketch from the gunpowder plot with Guy Fawkes called "Who Wants to Blow-up Parliament" done in the style of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", and spoofs of "The Only Way is Essex" and "Take Me Out". Simply brilliant!www.birminghamstage.com