John Lewis Partnership Heritage Centre

The John Lewis Partnership archive in Cookham is a small museum housing items of interest from the company’s history. One of the partners explained to us that most of the exhibition had been moved to the Oxford Street store in London for a big exhibition to celebrate the company’s 150 years anniversary. These articles are due to return sometime in August. This did not detract from the interesting things they still had on display.The John Lewis Partnership is a special company because all the staff are partners and get to share in the company profits. This was started by John Spedan Lewis who thought that it was unfair that the senior management were earning more that the total salary bill for all the other workers.Cookham was chosen as an area to build the centre because they thought it would be a nice area for their partners to visit. The building was an old factory making pottery for the John Lewis shops. You could see the old kiln and some pots in display cases.There was a timeline of significant events around the walls of the ground floor. A swish lift took us to the second floor where there were objects from some of their advertising campaigns including a giant snowman.Then we went through to the strong room where they keep original samples of all the fabrics they have used in their own brand furniture and curtains, including a pattern which was designed for the