Windsor Triathlon 2014

After arriving at our checkpoint for the Windsor Triathlon, at the A308 garden centre roundabout, we radioed the control station to let them know that we had arrived. We then set up a small radio mast to give us a better range so that we could hear all of the outstation communications. 
This is a nice relaxed event because we just have to watch the cyclists go past and sometimes help out the riders by calling for assistance if they need it. Many of them say good morning and wish us well as they go past, we always try to return the complement. Some riders fly past trying to get a good time. 
Once all the amateurs have started there is a half hour break before the female and male elite athletes set out. We know when they are approaching our checkpoint because a motorcycle escort stops the traffic at the roundabout just before they come racing past. 
As we are the first checkpoint on the cycle course we are also the first to get stood down which meant that we were home for lunch. 
This will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 7am on Sunday 29th June. Watch out for two yellow dots in the