Castle Howard

I have been on my summer holiday in Yorkshire and I would like to tell you a bit about some of the things that I got up to.
We stayed in an adapted cottage at South Newlands Farm in Riccall near Selby. This is a good base for seeing the attractions in Yorkshire. We have stayed here before and know a bit about the area so we had a plan to do different things this year than we have done before, except for visiting the National Railway Museum at York of course.
As Grandma Vera’s maiden name is Howard we decided to visit the ancestral home ‘Castle Howard’ and check that it was being looked after properly. 
Inside the main gate there is a large courtyard surrounded by cafes and gift shops. So as it had taken about an hour to get here we had a tea break and I enjoyed a warm cheese scone with a very tasty chutney.
We then made our way to the ticket office where I decided not to announce my claim as yet and paid the admission price like everyone else. 
Once past the gate we could see the well maintained grounds and the rather overstatedly grand house which we walked towards. Access to the house was good via an alternative route for wheelchairs to avoid some steps. Inside there was a grand staircase with a wheelchair lift to the top supervised by willing staff. Up the sides of the stairwell were painted pictures of previous members of the Howard family. This included a large picture of the current occupant. 
At the top of the stairs there was a display case of very old china built from floor to ceiling along the whole of the wall. From here there was a tour of the rest of the first floor. Some of the rooms looked really impressive including the gallery underneath the large dome that is characteristic of the build’s architecture. 
After visiting the house we walked down to the boathouse café by the lake for lunch. Here we found a table in the shade from the hot sun and enjoyed the pastries on offer while admiring the view over the lake. 
We then waited for the accessible land train which took us back up the hill to the house. From here we started to explore the formal gardens. The Atlas Fountain was working and the water looked really cool in the hot sun. Elsewhere there was a perfusion of scents and colourful flowers in the various garden sections.
It must cost a fortune to run and maintain so I decided to keep quiet about being related to the