Christian Aid Walk 2015

On Saturday in the Oxfordshire countryside we sat and marshalled the annual Christian Aid walk at a farm near Bix. The weather was sunny but there was a cold wind so I had to wear a jumper to keep warm and got slight sunburn on my wrists. 
The farm we are stationed at is around the corner from the Warburg Nature Reserve that provides excellent flying conditions for Red Kites, one of which was soaring above our heads. 
This is a very relaxed event as I do not have to do very much. The event marshals record the numbers from the walkers when they arrive at our checkpoint. Some of the walks stop for a rest and a chat before continuing. When all the walkers have been accounted for I radio in that they have all passed and we can go home.But not before going back to Bix village hall to meet the other radio operators and help take down the Control Station.