Hurrah for St. George

On Sunday we went to the Royal Albert Hall for the annual Gala for St. George concert. We settled into our seats in our usual position at the back of the stalls. From here we have an excellent view of the stage and organ. As the auditorium filled up the anticipation for the programme ahead slowly built.The National Anthem was played and then the concert started, hosted once again by Brian Blessed. There were many English classic favourites including music, songs, poems, and readings from famous English literature. Each piece was enthusiastically proclaimed boomingly by Brian Blessed. There was lots of flag waving opportunities as well as audience participation with the singing.I was not the only person who was there this time last year, as Brian Blessed recognised some ladies in the front row, who were also there at the same performance last year. He then made a thing of it as a running joke. He was very funny and told the audience that he was being told off for going off the script.At the end of the flag waving finale, and long standing ovation, red and white balloons were dropped from the ceiling to fall among the audience.