Real Vintage

Every time that I go to the shops I see the same things over and over, so I really like going to vintage fairs to look around the variety of different things that the many stalls have for sale that you don’t get in the shops. As I go to quite a few of these events Wayne and I have got to know some of the stall holders. This weekend I went to the Real Vintage fair at the Hexagon in Reading.
When I arrived the sellers were still unpacking their items and setting up their stalls. I entered the Hexagon by the lower doors and saw lots of clothes and tempting items for sale. In the main auditorium there was a stall selling hats that Wayne could not resist trying on.
From one stall I purchased some Ladybird books. I like the Ladybird books for older readers because they are concise and easy to read.
Some of the stall holders know that I collect pin badges and sometimes they keep them specially for me. I was therefore able to purchase a few unusual badges for my collection.


If you have not been to a vintage fair before I would recommend that you give one a go, because they are not all about ladies clothes, and you can find some exciting items if you look. They are also an opportunity to get out of the house and do something different.