Steam Rally

The Stoke Row Steam and Vintage Rally was held in a large field in the Oxfordshire countryside this weekend. There was lots of music and things going on around the site all day. There was a central arena where there were the main events.

When we arrived there were some beefy American trucks parading around the main arena and we stopped and had a look at them for a while. Then we wandered into the craft tent where I was nearly tempted by some little pin badges but decided against it this time. On the many stalls there were people selling jewellery and other crafty stuff.In an area for static and stationary steam engines there was a steam powered saw bench that was sawing large logs into planks.On the Victoria Stage were local groups performing entertainment throughout the day. One such group was the Reading Scottish Pipe and Drum Band which I have not heard before. There was a large bar tent with tables and chairs where you could sit down and enjoy music of a more personal nature.For the ‘Grand Parade’ all the steam engines that had gathered for the weekend went around the arena led by Reading Scottish Pipe and Drum Band. The band then did a big solo performance where they played a few pieces and marched around a few of times. After the parade they lined up all the steam engines and members of the public were invited into the ring to have a photograph taken with engines in steam.The Portsmouth Wild West show had come to perform a re-enactment of a gun battle that took place in a saloon bar in America. It was quite loud and the gunshots made me jump. It was all made quite funny.Kept apart from the cowboys, for obvious reasons, were a group of, more civilised, Indians from the Native American and Pioneer showteam. These people did a number of ceremonial dances, which must have worked because it did not rain despite the heavy cloud cover.Being in a field the ground was bumpy but access was generally OK and Wayne says he will be fine again in a few days.Click the pics to see some more