Amersham Fairground Organ Museum

This week I was able to go a bit further afield to the Amersham Fairground Organ Museum which I have been trying to get to for a couple of years. It is difficult to get to because it is a small museum and only open to the public five times a year, on the first Sunday of the month during the winter.
The museum contains a collection of grand fairground organs that were part of the fairground scene in Victorian times. To demonstrate each organ they are switched on in turn and left to run for about 20 minutes playing their music.
The artwork on the front of each organ is truly elaborate including some figurines which are animated to the music. As each song is played you can see the punched card music sheets being fed through the workings. The names on each organ show evidence of their European origins.
This had a very relaxed atmosphere and there were tables and chairs provided so that you can sit and enjoy refreshments with the music. Entry is by donation towards the upkeep and running of the organs and access was good. I thought that my visit was well worth the wait.