Christmas with André

onesheetYesterday evening I went to the Showcase de Lux Cinema in Reading to watch an André Rieu Christmas concert. It is a de Lux because all the seats can recline. I was in my wheelchair with Dad sitting next to me. He was fiddling with the controls and going forward and back, and up and down. Fortunately before the show started he managed to stop fidgeting.

The show started with a tour around André’s home town of Maastricht where he was taken around on a horse drawn sleigh. He went to a coffee shop to get some coffee to keep the orchestra awake, then off to a bakers where he made a traditional Dutch Christmas treat. This was a rich cherry tart with a pastry decoration on top. Visits to a florist and violin makers followed. Lastly we were shown the church where he was a choirboy. This was all helped along with André’s humour.

The actual concert was a screening of the 2015 London Christmas concert at Wembley Arena. This concert included light festive numbers and Andre’s funny banter keeping it all together. There were also backstage clips of the Orchestra and crew enjoying themselves at a Christmas market. I found it funny when dandruff like snow fell from the ceiling and covered the audience below. Just as they were getting used to this snow covering the musical piece that was playing ended with a flourish and an avalanche of the fake snow plummeted from the ceiling thoroughly covering them.

After the screening of the concert there was a question and answer session. Members of the cinema audiences from around the world had been able to submit questions for André to answer at the end of the show.

221215, London: Andre Rieu in London. Foto: Marcel van Hoorn.
221215, London: Andre Rieu in London. Foto: Marcel van Hoorn.

Tickets for this event were £14.50 and you have to pre-book as these events are very popular and sell out very quickly and I was lucky enough to get the last two tickets available for this screening. Access to the Showcase Cinema in Reading is good with disabled parking near the ramp at the rear of the building.

Having seen the show the DVD will be available to purchase from the André Rieu website and Amazon shortly.
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