Circus Wonderland

At Hills Meadow in Reading this weekend the circus came to town and I went to see Circus Wonderland. At the beginning of the show all of the acts came out into the audience dancing and clapping to music. Then they made their way to the circus ring and dance around it with merry-go-round horses, with the lights from the top of the tent, creating a colourful spectacle.

Each act performed two routines, so the unicyclists who juggled sharp looking knives on top of a 6 foot ramp on a tall unicycle also performed a daring roller skating routine on a tiny platform.

There was a man in a “Slinky” type outfit who tumbled around the ring making shapes whilst neon lights were shining on his reflective costume to create a dazzling effect. There was also trapeze artists and acrobats who performed dangerous looking routines without safety nets.

The whole show was held together by the clowning duo Kakehole and Mr Popol. Mr Popol is an elegant white faced traditional clown, complete with sparkly costume and white pointed hat. Despite his attempts to bring order and sophistication to the proceedings he is always thwarted by Kakehole who interrupted and disturbed things to much hilarity.

Access from the car park to the tent was tarmacked but once inside it was a gravelled and muddy path to the ringside as this is a circus tent at the edge of a field. Although this was not too difficult for wheelchairs. Tickets for a ringside seat were £16 but a £2 off voucher is available to download from the Circus Wonderland website.