Henley Half Marathon 2016

Last weekend I helped marshal at the Henley Half marathon. Arriving on a cold morning we set up the radio station on a dewy grass bank which was to become the Second Water point in Middle Assendon.

Due to Middle Assendon being in a valley with steep hills either side I have to take a portable mast to raise my antenna high enough so that I can hear the control station at the start / finish area in Henley and so that they can hear me.

Once I had checked in I sat in anticipation for the radio to spark into life to notify me that the first of the two running races had started. The first race is 10K long and the runners run through Henley then out into the countryside before arriving at my location. The second race is a half marathon and the runners do a long loop on the south side of the river before following the 10K route.

After the start there is lots of radio traffic in Henley as the bridge over the Thames has to be closed for about 15 minutes to allow the runners to cross. This is all co-ordinated by RAYNET and went very smoothly. I then listen out to hear the radio communication as the runners get closer. As the first runner from each race goes past I radio in to let the control station know.

As I do a number of these events I saw some people run past from Maidenhead A.C. who I marshal with at the Maidenhead Easter 10 on Good Friday, as well as some other runners I know.

Although chilly it was a lovely morning in the fresh air and cost nothing to take part.