Maidenhead Easter 10

On what can only be described as a beautiful spring morning, between a dull and wet Thursday, and the persistent rain on Saturday, I helped by marshalling at the Maidenhead Easter 10 running race on Good Friday morning.
Situated on Butcher’s Lane and the perimeter of White Waltham airfield, I was at the water station that was about 6 ½ miles around the course.
The weather was nice and warm, with a lovely blue, cloudless, sky. Several families turned up and soon there were tables laden with cups of water for the runners. After a while the call came over the radio to for me to note down the first three male and first three female runners. Then we heard, over the fields, a loud klaxon signalling the start of the race.
As the runners ran past my spotter noted down their numbers for me to radio into race control. Having done this it was job-done unless these was a medical emergency. I therefore was able to tuck into the snacks that I had brought along. I am not convinced that mini-scotch eggs and hot-cross buns go together though.

Of course volunteering to help out at an event costs nothing for a morning.