Mapledurham at War 2016

This weekend was the Mapledurham at War weekend when the estate is transformed into a World War II English country village occupied by the German army. In the fields and surrounding area WWII troops from several allied countries were camped and dug-in.
During the day there were various talks and demonstrations including cooking through the war and explanations of the different uniforms.
In a large marque there was an American theme with Jive dancers and period singing. Troops were marching doing drill outside the main house. At one of the food stalls I had my lunch.
The water mill, situated at one end of a bridge over the river Thames was being held by a group of Germans. The Allied troops decided to take the building with lots of spectacular bangs and loud machine gun fire.
All of the many participants were in appropriate dress and wandering around the site. There was even American General Bradley and Monty.
At the end of the day there was a large battle between opposing forces and the plucky Tommies came out on top.
As there had been a large amount of rain the day before the field was rather muddy and wheelchair access was really difficult. I would like to thank all the people who helped to get me across the quagmire so that I could get to see everything.
This was a very good day out and only cost £12 on the door.Click the image to see loads of photos in the gallery.