Mercedes-Benz World

Mercedes-Benz World is a museum and showroom for, you guessed it, Mercedes-Benz car lovers. Situated in Surrey, it has many different types of track available to show off the cars. There are wet and dry tracks as well as dirt tracks.
Inside the museum you can book yourself on a tour of the building where an expert guide will take you around all of the exhibits explaining them. I found this very interesting and helped me to understand what I was seeing without Wayne having to read the exhibit cards.
From a very windy veranda I was able to watch the Silver Arrows display team performing tight spins and doughnuts. This produced lots of tyre smoke and the smell of burning rubber hung in the air after they finished.
On display they had a models of the earliest Mercedes-Benz right up to a modern Formula One car, as well as concept cars and driver-less cars of the future. They also have a playroom full of different driving simulators for you to try.
On the top of the building there is a long curved corridor with high seats and tables looking out over the whole tracked area.
Access was excellent with smooth floors and plenty of space. Admission is free but a small charge is made for the tour. Click the image to see some more photos.