Organ Recital

img_3793-croppedToday I visited one of my favourite haunts to be entertained by Malcolm Stowell giving an organ recital in memory of Rhuddian Davies who was the organist at Slough crematorium, set in the beautiful interior of St. Mary’s church. The recital was a mixture of marches and romance completed by largo and fugue. There is no doubt that this style of music is so much more impressive when heard in these historical surroundings.

The stunning west window stained glass, which was designed by Alfred A. Wolmark, was created in 1915 and was the first abstract design window in the country. It was funded by the Elliman family who were important benefactors to Slough at the end of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries.

St. Mary’s hold a lunchtime concerts every Saturday and ask for a donation to support the church. There are a few steps into the building but a ramp is available, otherwise access is flat.