Inaugural Reading Comic-Con 2016

img_3924This weekend I went to the first ever Annual Reading International Comic-Con 2016 convention. This is where people of all ages are encouraged to escape into their own fantasy world as a film or comic character.

There were stalls selling costumes, props, tea shirts, and other film and comic items. There were also displays of vehicles from the big screen such as Lightning McQueen from the cartoon film Cars and Jeeps from Jurassic Park. Walking around there were many people who had come dressed for the occasion. Although Freddy Krueger was a bit scary.img_3922

There were also talks going on throughout the day on related subjects. I went to one about Cos-Play, which is an amateur dramatic art form where people dress up as a film character and then act out their characters role. Then another about making your costume on a budget (hmm… maybe next year?)

Near the end of the day there was a big Masquerade for everyone who had dressed up to spend two minutes on stage as their character. The best acts were then awarded prizes.

The admission price was £10 for the day and both parking and access to the Rivermead Leisure Centre is flat.

Great fun!