Windsor Reindeer Parade 2016

Yesterday I went to Windsor to do some Christmas shopping and watch the Reindeer Parade. I like shopping in Windsor because it is a bit different and you never know what you can see.

In the Windsor Royal Shopping Centre the restaurant with the large Nutcracker soldiers was offering free samples of cake to try and anybody who knows me knows I would not resist this. Also the Thai restaurant on Thames Street was offering free warm spring rolls to taste. These were very welcome on such a cold day and were delicious. However I had already eaten my lunch in McDonald’s so although I was tempted to go inside for some more I decided that perhaps I had had enough.

After a good mooch around the shops I was able to complete my Christmas shopping so I then went to get a good spot to watch the Parade. Half an hour before it was due to take place the Town Crier, Chris Brown, went to the Guild Hall to announce that the sleigh with Father Christmas would be coming soon, and at precisely 2 o’clock a sleigh pulled by six reindeer, lead by the Windsor Town Band and the Town Crier, left the castle gate with Father Christmas, followed by his loyal elves.
With the band playing “Santa Claus is coming to town” Father Christmas waved enthusiastically to the crowd that had assembled to watch. As soon as the parade had left the castle and gone out of sight I took a short cut through the town so that I could watch the arrival of the parade at its final destination by the Jubilee Monument, outside Daniels.

Parking in Windsor can be a bit of a challenge but at Christmas the coach park is used as overflow car parking and there are usually spaces in there. It is also built on a hill so some hard pushing is required at times (thanks Wayne). Nothing to pay as it is an event to draw people into the town to do their Christmas shopping, which of course I did.