Wokingham Half Marathon

Today was the start of the 2016 RAYNET marshalling calendar with the Wokingham Half Marathon. This event is well supported and has over 2000 competitors for the race. It is also a Berkshire Athletics County Championship Race and competitors can gain points for the Berkshire Championship.
I helped with my radio equipment by radioing in the numbers of the first three male runners, and first three female runners, for the commentary team back at the start/finish line at Cantley Park.
My checkpoint is about eight and a half miles from the start of the course and right out in the countryside. In the field next to the road there were lots of sheep with their new lambs. One of the lambs had escaped under the gate into the road and the rest of the herd were bleating and baaing for it to come back. When it did eventually make it under the gate they all wandered happily back into the field.
Although slightly windy the rain managed to hold off all morning and it got brighter towards the end of the race. Once the last runner had gone past, followed by the sweeper minibus, I was stood down and so I came home.
A good morning out in the fresh air that didn’t cost a penny.