Woodcote Rally 2016

When Wayne and I first arrived we looked around an area enclosing an array of static steam engines. These little model engines have the smell and sound of real steam but are nowhere near the size of their full size counterparts. Some were pumping water, generating electricity, cutting logs, or just chuffing.

Another area had an early farm hay bailing machine being demonstrated. There were people frantically putting straw into the feeder and pulling the completed bails out and stacking them to one side.
There were areas for different types of vehicle including tractors, steam powered engines, and vintage cars. Every category of vehicle was brought out in turn to parade around the arena ring.
There were many stalls selling various items as well as a tea room marquee and a band tent. Inside the band tent was a brass band which we stopped and listened to for a while. By the food outlets there was a stage on a low-loader trailer with more music acts.
At a birds of prey display you could get a close look at owls and other big birds. From time to time these were taken out and flown by their handler.
In a modelling area one tent had a selection of model fairground rides. There was a carousel, ferris wheel, as well as a wall of death, all going round. Near this was another tent where an OO scale railway was running and you could purchase model live steam engines and other railway modelling bits.
I really enjoyed the day but the terrain was very rough as the field had only just been cut and it was a corn field last week. Entrance was £10 with an extra £3 for a programme, all the money going to various charities.Click the images to see more photos in the gallery.