Circus Wonderland

Yesterday I went to see Circus Wonderland at Hills Meadow in Reading. There were two of the funniest clowns that I have seen and many exciting and dazzling tricks and acrobatics to feast the eyes on.

Throughout the show the clowns held a long running joke about one of the clowns opening a café. However, the other clown had lost his pet rat, Mildred, which of course you wouldn’t want in a cafe. The rat therefore periodically appeared in funnier and funnier situations, until it drove across the ring in a small car. All visitors to the café were in for a treat as nothing ever went right as the clowns messed up every time.

There was a fire juggling act which as so hot that I could feel the heat of the flames from my seat. For one of the acts the lights were dimmed and replaced by the eerie glow of ultra-violet light. Then out burst a man into the ring, on roller-skates, juggling neon balls which glowed brightly in the black light.

The standard tickets price was £16 for a ringside seat although there were a range of offers available to download from their website. Access was flat but a bit muddy as you would expect for being in a tent in the edge of a field.