Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna

As regular readers will know I really like the circus and often visit the travelling circuses when they are in town and performing locally. One of the very best circuses is Cirque du Soleil who come to the Royal Albert Hall. I have seen them several times before but I have had not seen this show which was new in 2016. The Amaluna show is loosely base in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

At the beginning of the performance a lady dressed in a colourful skirt carrying flowers came down the stairs next to where I was sitting while a man appeared on the other side of the auditorium. They would form the love interest which would carry on throughout the performance. With the woman always winning over the attention of the man.

The show proceeded with lots of highly energetic circus acrobatics and shows of colour, to the sound of a lively rock band with a female soloist.

At one point there was a trapeze act which was able to use the height of the hall to have very long trapeze wires which meant that they could gracefully swing out above the heads of the audience.

Another part of the show involved a very large transparent bowl filled with water which one of the performers jumped into from a ceiling hoop. They then swam around in the water like a mermaid. The bowl was then used later in the show as a pedestal for juggling.

Oh, and I pinched the photos from the Albert Hall blog
Tickets for Cirque du Soleil have to be booked well in advance and the cost varies based on supply and demand with tickets ranging in price from £50 to eye wateringly expensive. Wheelchair tickets need to be booked through the Albert Hall access line. On arrival access is good but you have to pay for a higher priced ticket because of the allocated spaces in the stalls or Loggia. I have previously tried the wheelchair spaces available in the upper tiers, which are cheaper, and found that these have a restricted view of the stage. Disabled parking can also be booked with the tickets and if you are lucky you can park in the West Car Park right next to the door, otherwise in the Imperial College car park which is a short walk away.