Hat Blinging

About a month ago, I heard Debbie Magee talking on the radio about her husband Paul Daniels who has recently died from a brain tumour. To remember him she had worked with the Brain Tumour Research charity to produce a special pin badge of a rabbit in a hat. I then searched eBay for the badge and found that Brain Tumour Research also did a very nice range of limited edition hat brooches. Each one of these have been designed by cutting edge milliners for their annual Wear a Hat Day events. When the badge and brooches arrived, they are very high quality and each brooch comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Wear a Hat Day sounded like it could be a fun event so I suggested to my day centre that we could all take part by wearing hats, and donating some money to Brain Tumour Research, on Friday 31st March. Then I realised that some people don’t go on a Friday and so would be left out. So, I asked if this could be extended for the whole week, which the day centre was happy to agree to.

I therefore registered for a fund-raising pack which arrived promptly. This included posters, balloons, and a collecting tin. I then put the posters in the lifts and around the centre. To advertise the event further I asked if the Wear a Hat Day (now Week) event could be advertised during our daily client lunchtime meetings. I also started wearing a different hat every day. This was a bit ambitious so early in March as I soon realised that I needed more hats.

Fortunately, Hobbycraft is supporting Brain Tumour Research by producing a hat fascinator and running hat blinging workshops. I therefore went to my local Hobbycraft in Reading for a hat blinging session. Here I could buy a hat and then was well looked after by Rhona who helped me to choose gems, pom-poms, ribbon, and feathers to stick on to it. They were also willing to find other materials if I wanted them. I had a fun hour and you can see the result in the photos. I also purchased one of the hat fascinators; so, that’s two more hats for next week.

Parking at Reading Hobbycraft is good with disabled bays right outside of the front door. Access is flat with a lift to the first floor where the hat making was taking place. The hat that I purchased was a couple of quid and the bling was free so I made a donation to Brain Tumour Research.