Henley Regatta for the Disabled

In Henley, this weekend was the annual Regatta for the Disabled. There was lots going on to see and do. I was able to take a trip on an adapted boat which was taking people in wheelchairs. This was a half hour boat trip up the river Thames, turning around at Temple Island, and retuning to the jetty.

On the water were races in a selection of boats crewed by various charity supporters, which were fun to watch.

When I returned to dry land I had some lunch whilst listening to music from a small stage. There was a ukulele band and a choir singing music from shows and other popular songs.

Entrance admission was £5 including the boat fare and other activities. Access was flat and everything was accessible. Even the climbing wall, although I didn’t try that. Parking was OK but everyone had a blue badge so no special treatment there.